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I'm really excited about all the activity in the federated, self-hosted space. However, I feel like there's still a missing piece around identity. I don't want to have to create a new user every time I want to use someone elses shiny new federated event sharing application or what have you.

There don't seem to be any great self hosted OpenID providers out there and OpenID only solves the authentication part anyway. Maybe I've missed some obvious solutions?

Sadly I still have to use FB messenger to contact some subset of my social circle and every time I use it it fills me with rage. Partly because it's a centralised service when it really shouldn't be but also because it just doesn't really work in Firefox on Linux, it chews up CPU and freezes for seconds at a time. At some point I'm going to investigate bridging it to my synapse server but for now I'm just going to complain a lot.

Won my fight yesterday, feeling a bit delicate today but happy. Looking forward to putting back on all the weight I had to lose for it.

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Just yoinked myself a Reform beta 3 kit to play with. Awesome project by @mntmn with lots of potential based right here in our own back yard in the EU :)

(This one’s for developers… so if you’re looking for something to tinker with and explore future possibilities, check it out!)

#ethicaltechnology #ethicaldesign

Really basic personal site up and running

At some point I'll put some content up that isn't years old.

Tomorrow I'm fighting in my second amateur MMA fight, at 66kg, which is uncomfortably light for me. Right now I'm super dehydrated and really *really* miss carbs, can't wait to get the weigh in done tomorrow and start eating again.

Okay finally got taskwarrior setup syncing across my phone and laptop. Now I can add a task for 'write Taskwarrior clone in Rust with better syncing solution'

I like the idea of Taskwarrior but I really need my todo lists to be on many different devices and the Taskwarrior sync server is just a mess. Setting up sync is horribly, pointlessly difficult.

Just bought and read Domain Modeling Made Functional by Scott Wlaschine. Found it extremely helpful in laying out some best practices in event based systems. Recommended.

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Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


Why is publishing to Sonatype so goddamn difficult? I just want to get my tiny Scala library out into the world.

Very surprised by the maturity and polish of the Mastodon ecosystem. Using on Android and everything just works.

Mastodon is one server in the network