Show more what exactly do you mean by literacy? I'm assuming some kind of familiarity with the ubderlying tech? The premise being that if people understand it then they can pre-empt attempts to consolidate power?

@pea I think the spec criticism is a really good point. E.g I realy want to contribute to a Rust implementation of the matrix protocol - but there's so much stuff in flux with the specification that the project is stalled waiting for clarification. Matrix have said that they'll be releasing v1 of the spec in August so hopefully that clears things up a bit.

I'm not sure why everyone just uses though, I run a little matrix server on a digitalocean droplet and it's very straightforward.

@pea That's fair. In that case it's probably worth just letting people run their own matrix servers as the IRC would be the canonical chat thing anyway?

I'm intrigued as to what you dislike about matrix BTW? Cautious of starting an internet argument though so just gonna be overly careful here and state that I really am curious, not looking for an excuse to rant or anything.

@pea considered running a matrix server rather than IRC? 🙂

Really basic personal site up and running

At some point I'll put some content up that isn't years old.

Tomorrow I'm fighting in my second amateur MMA fight, at 66kg, which is uncomfortably light for me. Right now I'm super dehydrated and really *really* miss carbs, can't wait to get the weigh in done tomorrow and start eating again.

Okay finally got taskwarrior setup syncing across my phone and laptop. Now I can add a task for 'write Taskwarrior clone in Rust with better syncing solution'

I like the idea of Taskwarrior but I really need my todo lists to be on many different devices and the Taskwarrior sync server is just a mess. Setting up sync is horribly, pointlessly difficult.

Just bought and read Domain Modeling Made Functional by Scott Wlaschine. Found it extremely helpful in laying out some best practices in event based systems. Recommended.

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Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


Why is publishing to Sonatype so goddamn difficult? I just want to get my tiny Scala library out into the world.

Very surprised by the maturity and polish of the Mastodon ecosystem. Using on Android and everything just works.

Mastodon is one server in the network