I'm really excited about all the activity in the federated, self-hosted space. However, I feel like there's still a missing piece around identity. I don't want to have to create a new user every time I want to use someone elses shiny new federated event sharing application or what have you.

There don't seem to be any great self hosted OpenID providers out there and OpenID only solves the authentication part anyway. Maybe I've missed some obvious solutions?

@alex We're currently using OpenWebAuth for cross-domain access control. It's basically just http-signatures and webfinger.

For site authentication (as opposed to cross-domain authorisation) there's IndieAuth and OpenIdConnect and we're currently investigating how we might be able to work with webauthn. 
I personally would prefer having integrated services rather than requiring accounts on 20-30 different services and trying to synchronise my connections across them. That's a lot of duplication of effort. But many people don't like integrated services because of the perceived added complexity. So it will be interesting to see how this current evolution of micro-services unfolds. 

@macgirvin The stuff you've done with Hubzilla in general and the OpenWebAuth stuff specifically looks really impressive. I'm planning on spending a bit of time this weekend reading through things in detail and trying to get my head around the different tradeoffs and approaches. Thanks for explaining a bit about OpenWebAuth.

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